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4 South Old Capitol Plaza
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 528-1901

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History of 524 East Adams

The current location now known as #4 Old State Capitol Plaza has always been a prime spot for business since the earliest days. In 1852 Clark M. Smith opened a dry goods store at this location.

Clark M. Smith was married to Anna Maria Todd, Mary Todd Lincoln's younger sister and Mrs. Lincoln traded at the store. According to Henry Pratt, author of Lincoln's Springfield, an important piece of history took place at this very location.

Early in 1861, when Lincoln was attempting to write his first inaugural address the well-wishers who came to see him at his office made work impossible. His brother in law offered the use of a back room on the 3rd floor above his store. The Smith desk on which Lincoln wrote the address is now on display in the Illinois State Historical Library.

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