SNUBA Diving Islamorada

SNUBA the Reef with Sundance Watersports

The Best Spot for SNUBA & Snorkeling in The Florida Keys

Snuba the reefs Diving in Islamorada


SNUBA Diving in Islamorada, the best Snorkeling Experience

Experience life beneath the sea with a guided SNUBA dive. Yep, we spelled that right! No certifications are necessary for this type of diving. After a brief safety and equipment lesson, you’ll be ready to explore our underwater world! You can dive up to 20 feet beneath the surface and come face to face with sea turtles, puffers, rays and a large assortment of other fish and marine life. It’s like swimming in an oversized aquarium, only better! Ages 8+ and up and the ability to swim is required. Some medical restrictions apply. If you have any questions about your medical ability please contact us prior to making a reservation.
Note: to SNUBA the reef safely, must be able to swim and speak conversational English for safety reasons
SNUBA the Reef is the perfect spot to experience life beneath the sea with a guided SNUBA dive. At Robbies of Islamorada, we are the “MUST” stop & visit place to experience the Florida Keys in one place.

Islamorada SNUBA Diving Adventures– Explore the Stunning Coral Reefs of Islamorada

SNUBA Diving is your easiest and safest way to enjoy the Florida Keys gorgeous reefs which are filled with colorful fish and breathtaking coral formations from underwater like a scuba diver.

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